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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Welcome to my new segment. I decided to start showing some of the rad cars I get to drive at work. Here we have a lovely '73 Cadillac, and let me tell you with just under 12,000 original miles on the clock this shit was tight!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sea of awesomeness?

Tonight my lovely lady and I made a very sweaty trip out to Perewitz bike night. Got to hang with some good people and scope a few good rides. I almost lost my trustbucket in a sea of big twins and evos...then i realized my bike looked nothing like those bikes! This is the only pic worthy of showing, and we were leaving. Thanks to my amazing girlfriend for snapping it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

headed north

the past weekend was fantastic. i only got a little wet, only broke down once and learned a few new things. 
 it was time for the annual Montana SAR Rendezvous, this year held up in Flathead County. what a great reason to get gone for a few days. all in all i think i travelled just shy of 1,000 miles; some were scary, some were wet, all were welcome.
 unfortunately things got off to a rocky start as soon as i left work. thats when i noticed that my chain tensioner lightened itself by loosing all of the bearings. so off the the factory authorized shop where i tried, in vane, to convey what i needed. needless to say i should have gone with my gut and went straight to the local skate shop. 4 wheels with bearings: $4, win. thank you World Boards!
 with that disaster averted i quickly packed and only briefly went over the bike.... bad idea.
 Motorcycle Riding Memorandum #1: get your shit dialed BEFORE you leave. and another hint for everyone: your friends have their own lives, they don't want to be called every time you have a mechanical problem so use your head and figure your stupid, self-inflicted problems out. and a big thanks goes out to dylan for helping me trouble shoot my electrical. aside from the rain it was a nice place to break down.
 my new favorite place of lodging! equipped with a wood stove, no windows and a door that only latches shut from the outside.
 Montana Rt 83.
 BEST PURCHASE EVER!    too bad the lunatic wanted $200 for it.

 and what better way to wrap-up a long road trip. when your pants are soaked and you haven't showered in 5 days, the first thing you need is a lap dance. PS: she was a bit reluctant.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The midnight stake-out

Once again we here at coconut customs plymouth rolled out 2 deep for a late night putt. After one blown fuse, a blown spark plug or two, and some roadside adjustments dylan and myself found a nice bit of shade on the far side of a wareham cumbys parking lot. After some liquid refreshment and some solid people watching, we made our way back towards home. I was fortunate enough to muster the momentum to get the trustbucket home even with the massive amounts of backfiring....good times!!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Late night cruise

Last night the coconut customs crew rode out 4 people and 2 poorly assembled motorbikes strong on a run to the canal to get some dunky's.
Much to our suprise there were no mechanical failures, only a slow demise in brainpower as the night wore on!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet electricity

After a good ride to the vintage bike show at the star drive-in, an electrical failure on the part of my worn out sloppy whore of a rotor the trustbucket barely limped her way to the safety of Harrys homestead. Upon close investigation the fact that only hopes and dreams kept my pile running proved what a believer in my handy work i am. Now a shiny new elecrical system complete with upgraded output give the trustbucket the sweet love juice she needs to motivate!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Full throttle and more stupid than ever!

What a month! Jenna's bike is about 5hrs of highly caffeinated tig welding and a quart of por-15 chassis black away from being finished. My Suzuki "ghetto blaster" is rollin' on 18" pentagrams and saving tons of gas. Steady's triumph has a classy new hand shifter and knob worthy of even the finest solid oak door. My sporty's running like a top and thanks to the best girlfriend ever is now sporting the correct slotted rocker nuts I've never felt like buying and will soon have an awesome new seat. Add in some goats, boat shoes a righteous sissy bar, and the installation of a fucking koi pond in the middle of the shop, and thats the month of May in a nutshell. Oh and word on the street is Kenny Motherfuckin' Horne just got his dragbike running...god help us all.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

hellfire rained down upon their tiny heads!!!!!!

R&R in Montana

the gophers had numbers on their side but we had the high ground. Gallatin County is safe from another wave of invading vermin. Sunday Funday Gunday