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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Prolly the last ride of the season

It was to be one of the last sunny and reasonably warm weekends so the decision was made to bounce. The weather was clear enough but 40 degrees for 90 miles, one way, was a little chilly, i could have dressed warmer.

the destination was Eleven Mile Canyon for some climbing and relaxing.
Sleeping under the stars was breath taking, i haven't seen a sky that full of stars in a long time. the down side was the 14 degrees it dropped to that night. i woke up to find quite a bit of frost on my bivy and my pants and boots frozen to the ground.

now she is all cleaned up for the winter and ready for the garage season's alterations

Friday, October 18, 2013

Leadville, CO 10,200"

 i heard the hotdogs were good here

For Sale

Cherry '82 KZ1000, running, ready to ride, only has 8,000 original miles. $1,500. Located in Hanover, MA


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Name this carb.

I know its a CV, i know it was on a Harley, and i know its a Keihin and i know it'll work on my Sporty. What i don't know is what it came off of. I care about this part the most cause the cross reference of parts is based on the model it came from. So if i am to get the right parts for it i could use that info. So please weigh in with any information.