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Monday, January 30, 2012

very little progress...

very little progress has been made towards the next attempt at salty greatness. mostly this is due to a complete unwillingness to pay for materials but also because i keep busting knuckles and catching fire at work. things like that put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm to wrench on my own time; and my dog bit me on the ass today. in spite of that the west campus of coconut customs is slowly trudging along. the new gas tank is starting to take form, just need to make the proper bungs and think out a few other bits. 
 the frame has also been added on to. this is the forward mount for the additional 87 pounds of steel added to help keep traction on the salt. on a side note; 3 phase welding machines are quite erotic. something about blasting through 3/4" plate just gets me all bothered.

 and a little dangling...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

little nostalgic lately

yo dylan, remember this? first trip out to the salt with andy? remember that time you vanished on his Dahk Kustum? 

dylan getting some in moab, we totally need to get back there

one of my favorite campsites: Ouray, CO in their outdoor hockey rink. 
 the Tetons in WY. there were no motorcycles involved but there were a few bears.
 my old haus on peak 7 in Colorado. this sparked a debate between my roomie and i about what smelled worse: burnt fork oil or his hockey gear.

Monday, January 9, 2012

new toys finally working

this post is kinda lame and considering how busy we've all been lately and the resulting lack of posts, it is no wonder no one is reading this thing. anyways, todays lesson is that with a bit of persistence a motivated person can force the square peg into the round hole. case in point: my gear welding 3/4" mild steel. according to the welding rep i deal with at work, my torch set up is almost twice my age with tips that are well beyond beat. and i have finally reached a point where my welding machine cannot keep up with my projects. either way, with a little time, a bunch of pre-heating, the wire feed all the way down, electricity at 11 and right off the breaker; 3/4" became one with 1/4". yay. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

belated happy new years

leaving work on friday was better than usual, the dudes i work with and the general job description can hammer on people like no other. 
 i made her my bitch...
 and on to the Boiling River in Yellowstone. almost 3 hours of soaking does a body good
 and fireworks and booze ensued.
happy new years.