welcome to the innernet's worst motorcycle periodical

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

its been rather hectic around here for the last month and fighting with an internet connection was not high on my priorities list, least of all so i could blog. but things have turned upside down and will maybe start smoothing out over the next couple weeks. 

to somewhat sum things up. we did a shoot with Adrien's truck. the pics came out sweet. i can only put this one up for now but hopefully the rest will be seen in print. then it was a trip down to wyoming for this event:http://themoonshinerscc.blogspot.com/

where i found a tidy little triumph. 

after that everything got kinda screwy. i had a defining moment at the drilling place and decided that it was stupid. so i quit and moved to Vail, CO. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

went to a car show in three forks, mt

there was so much chrome i could barely see straight. i will put up more as time allows, enjoy.