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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Donut school

Cracked primary covers suck

getting sooooo pumped

i know i am being a super dork and posting twice in a day but sometimes i get too excited about things. fuck, its gonna be sick around here if everything pans out: maxton is 2 weeks away, the smoke-out and ACO, then loring and finally BUB. in between tons of dumb camping, riding, humping, and guns and drugs and stuff and yeah. fuck, no more coffee for me, i've gotta drive

missing things...

i miss my old dirt bike and my old backyard; '78 yz400 in summit county, co

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sunday gunday

we always like it when andy is on a gun kick. actually we like it when andy is on almost any of his kicks; my favorite was the 4x4 kick. believe it or not, this turd was an inspiration early on. he was one of the first people i had encountered who thought outside the box as it pertains to silly machines. when the IFS on his Chevy couldn't get any higher, he yanked off the suspension and glued on solid axels from a vintage Ford.

the 30.06 is fun but there is something sexy about a 12g side by side

Monday, April 26, 2010

call me a wimp

or maybe i like cutting up old stuff just to make the vintage guys cry

Saturday, April 24, 2010

water-soaked heat wrap

holy hell!

i was gone for a week on a work trip and all this shit is going on without me! a new chick with an accompanying bike on the block! Gentle Ken pulls some super sick paint talent out of the blue! and the honda frame swallowed its motor! get pumped bitches!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Got my tins back from gentle Ken

Couldn't be any more stoked!
Drilling 5 new holes in my freshly painted fender was a little stressful, but worked out in the end.
Flakes the size of nickels!!!

New girl on the block

This little gem was discovered and promptly purchased by a member of the Coconut Customs extended family. It's an almost perfect example of a 1971 Suzuki T500 2 stroke twin. Everything on this bike is not only original, but in good usable condition from the freshly rebuilt engine thats never been started to the original tires with no dry rot whatsoever.

I think from now on I'm only going to work on bikes inside an apartment while being force-fed homemade chicken soup and watermelon sherbet. This shit is thoroughly good!
I didn't care if it was midnight, I needed to take this cutie's top off. Heads are BRAND NEW. Cylinders both bored .030 over with new pistons and the crosshatch pattern from honing still clearly visible. All we had to do was wipe the cylinders with some good 2 stroke oil and put the lid back on. I'll go back and install new head gaskets and torque the heads before we try to fire it. On to the carburetors!

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Can you weld up 32 holes in my gas tank?"

Ken's Korner (teasers)

Dylan's $750.00 score from the Vanson Leathers field trip!
O.K. Nobody else posted any pics yet of the newest 'Girl's Bike' to come home to the C.C. Compound.

So here it is. A bone stock, all original 1971 Suzuki T500.

Freshly done 2-Stroke with Zero miles. More pics and full story to come...

i finally found a good use for a Harley motor

Saturday, April 17, 2010

rollin deep

i found this bike while i was wandering around some of the shadier alleys in Vietnam. there really isn't anything special about it, i just thought it was kinda cool. and it was the largest displacement bike i'd seen during the entire trip.

cb900 progress, if thats what you wanna call it

i had always wanted to take a part an overhead cam engine, this was my chance. i no longer want to have anything to do with overhead cam engines; especially dual-cam motors.
the trick to these is, and honestly working on it isn't that bad, you need to fallow the directions to the letter. the only real pain was getting the cylinder over the pistons.
-so here i am thinking that i've got the fucker back together in record time
and then i discover why. what's this? part of the lower cam tensioner. this piece gets installed from into the southern end of the block.
minor breakdown of mental stability...

Friday, April 16, 2010

bike for sale...

slightly used, slightly altered '78 YZ400. $800.
fresh motor, barely taken out of the neighborhood, aftermarket air filter, "gas-on-ground" fuel system, very little work to make it road legal, only goes in a straight line, very safe (currently tops out at 45mph).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

summers comin

seems as though things are slowing down a bit. all across the inner-nerd dudes are dusting off their bikes, living life and, consequently, posting is grinding down. we here at CC have been subject to these same circumstances as well as several other factors which have all but halted our stupid banter and ranting. for instance, we all have bikes that are ridable (our standards), we are all getting pussy on the fairly regular and one of us actually (rather accidentally) finally got his dank-ass a job and stopped living on the dole. all great things to do besides post on this moronic bog.
but we are still working on some other shit. i am still wrestling with a CB900 and my annoying salt racer. Dylan just got his tins back from paint and is doing his best to overcome adversity with the ACO scooter. Gentle Ken is toiling through old bike rags in search of the perfect beaver and doing his best to melt the heads off his Lady-Rider. even Steady Jeff has managed to defeat the sharp-tongued bridge-troll and get some parts ordered.
things are coming together, making moves...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

testing begins

its the crack of dawn at an undisclosed location deep within the CC testing facility and we've begun testing the salt bike...
this morning was a full dry run and it yielded valuable information. most obviously that my Vanson suit sucks nads to put on at 5:30am. the turd parade continued through my couple of laps with run after run of boringness. this thing would not light up, there was none of that 2-stroke terror. this is partially due to the returded gearing (14-24 with an 18") but what is very worry some is my inability to put the HP to the ground. just as i let the clutch out completely i get a super bounce in the driveline. i have quite a bit of chain out there and apparently it could be a bit tighter but also, this new rear wheel has those rubber thingys in the hub. (you know, the thingys that cushion the transfer of torque from the chain wheel to the hub) my old wheel didn't have these so i think to compensate i may take the shims out of the clutch and give it a little slip. not sure really... the bounce is a compounding result of play in the system and a lack of HP to overcome it.
enough of this blogging shit, i gotta get to work.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

its a goddamn conspiracy...

some have said that i am a little stupid and have a vivid imagination, some would also call me a bit paranoid; those people can suck-it cause in addition to those things, i aint always wrong. with this picture i present to you recent evidence of the corporate monster kicking us in the nuts. i would be willing to bet that Sears is producing flanges, thingys and goddamns like this just so we have to get another stupid wrench. corporate resistentialist bastards....