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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what the?

while i was sitting in staging at the Loring meet i heard up ahead what sounded like an old Harley with a fouled plug. so i wandered up to investigate only to find this quasi-shovel. it sounded really silly but any taunting stopped when he turned out just shy of 90mph on this one-lunger.
the dude's plan was to get into a much lower motor class and skirt around a forced-induction rule at the same time. he managed to race so i assume tech agreed with him. the idea being that the front jug was simply and air pump to feed the rear cylinder and with some crafty reed-valving he is hoping to get a whole bunch more mass and volume into the combustion chamber. and this is one of the reasons i love grass-roots racing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

one goal...

once upon a time i worked very closely with dead people. and among the things i learned along the way is, when i die, i never want to fit in a jar. see, in every morgue, there is a shelf with a bunch of little boxes and jars and bins. these little containers have little bits of people in them. the reason they are in such a small vessel is because there isn't much left.
i at least want to take up a full body bag and a shelf.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


i just like chains; in motors, around motors, around tires, locking things...

A Little Throwback...

Heres a little bit of history. The following pics are just a few little treasures my lovely girlfriend dug up and was kind enough to scan for me. Enjoy!
Just wanted to start things off with a bit of motorcycle and mustache humor.
This is my girlfriends grandfather and his crew back in '74 nbd!

This is a very sexy example of a beautiful Yamaha!
They sure don't make 'em like this anymore.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i'm not gonna lie...

i do feel a little cooler but certainly not any smarter by recently joining the ranks of the FTWCO racing team. thanks john and jeff.


so i find myself searching for a term to describe this motorcycle. it looks pretty cool but is as useless as it is complicated. the stance is all wrong for anything off road and it might make an okay street bike if not for the suspension, tires and pilot's stance.
i thought it might be good at the dirt-drags but there are so many pulleys, wires, levers and hoses that are not secured i would be surprised if it was all together at the finish.
meh... i guess it still looks kinda neato.
but still, what is the term that escapes me...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

bear with us

so a bunch of silly shit is hitting the fan and much to our chagrin the posting has suffered. however, if you hang in there, we should get our dookies stacked up and post a bunch more of the usual boring topic: the interface of motorcycles and poor planning.
photo by the Schreebizoid.

random stupids

helmet on backwards...
maybe thats how they roll across the pond, dunno.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

if only...

if only i wasn't such a cement-head, i would have written down the details of this turnip, but. what i do know is that aside from the power train, the owner made 90% of this bike.

Monday, August 9, 2010

a funny thing happened to me at SOTB...

before being called a vagrant and asked to leave, i was enjoying some of SC's finest solar radiation when i heard this wonderful racket coming from the off ramp. it was the familiar sound of hot valves splashing around in cooked oil and down the pavement rolls a deliciously worn-in Guzzi. i told myself: "this dude is absolutely heading towards the Smoke Out, lets go say hi".
his name is ken and he was not part of the chopper pilgrimage. however, he was on his own trip both on the road and in his head; follow the link at the bottom for his story, its really pretty rad. the bike he had happened upon was this old guzzi. this thing had very minimal work done to make it sea worthy when he decided to rally it from his home on Martha's Vineyard down to some old stomping grounds in Flo-rida. unfortunately he withstood the temptation to blow-off 'sponsatilities and come to rockingham, bum out. but his new trip starts up in september so check out the link and fallow him along. http://Kenamick.blogspot.com/