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Saturday, November 27, 2010

"can i shoot that big one"?

CC family outing to the S&W factory; general gun rule: ammunition caliber > brain cells 
"sawed-off shotgun, hand on the pump
left hand on a 40, puffin on a blunt
pumped my shotgun, niggaz didn't jump"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

been a busy little bee

while being sequestered from my garage i have made some steps in the right direction. most of which has been reading anything i can find to help my motors run faster and stronger but some stuff has been in the skill development department. this week i have managed to get some tools that i have no idea how to use and will most likely land me in the ER while "figgurin it out". through some swaps and jaw-waggin i have managed to acquire a torch outfit and an old Altlas lathe, total cost being $60 and some gas money. for the win.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 the crushing need to mess with things had almost suffocated my tiny brain, thank goodness for swap meets. picked this up for $5; the glass was clear and the chrome a mess.
with nothing but time and some scotchbrite it seems to be looking better

maybe this can go on the shovel that i don't have yet...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

free stuff isn't always cool

the exception being when that free shit is useful. after years of service in a high school science room i've inherited this beauty. a little oil and calibration a-la dylan and it should be ready for services. the real winner in this score is dylan who is a little closer to never having these frustrating conversations any more:
dylan: "yeah, i can make you that, how thick should it be"?
warren: "about that thick"
"i can't see your fingers over the phone"
"how thick is that other thing you did? add like a bit to that" 
"what thing? and how much should i add? i deal with numbers, like a person living in the real world. give me a number that corresponds to some measurement on some continent or i am hanging up"
"how think is paper"?
"i really can't deal with you anymore"
i paid for the book however. it was next to free and considering its contents i felt it was a worthwhile investment. i have been taking a little static from some folks that i thought were helpful and finding resources that i did not expect. the static is usually in the form of: "yer bitting off too much and yer gonna fuck up your engine. just have a real pro do the work". f-that. the real pros got that way by asking questions, research and having some balls. and i guarantee that they all fucked up some things along the way. i've also grown a new respect for some dudes through this project. when my line of questioning hit a point where they say: "wow, i don't know", cool. thanks for being honest. thanks for not throwing up a wall declaring me to be silly for asking.  

Friday, November 19, 2010

the last of my SOE pics, promise.

 i wanna say this is just south of Baltimore where Kenny and I parted ways. as a side note, kenny rules to travel with; he can ride forever and knows how to have fun.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

New England Flat Track

Some pics taken at Jolly Roger Motorsports Track this summer.

These are some guys from Vermont who are sponsored by FTWCo Racing. They race vintage class on an old Yamaha.

The owner of this Honda 350 bought it new! He sectioned the frame, turned it into a flat tracker, and has been racing it locally for over 30 years.

Massachusetts own #57u Asa Irish getting sideways! This guy rips it up and down the East Coast all year long. Look for him in Daytona next Feb.

The Pits.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brooklyn '10

This year Shawn Iron, Creepy Crowley and I joined Steady Jeff and DILLENVISE! on their now annual pilgrimage to the Brooklyn Invitational bike show. All the bikes made it there and back with no incidents. No small feat considering we had one bald ass tire complete with exposed threads, two 883 Sportsters and a couple of small displacement Jap bikes that were older than half of our crew. I managed to snap off a few flix without looking too much like the tourist that I was.

Here is just a tiny bit of all the cool-ass stuff that I saw that weekend, including the Steve Bonge photography exhibit.

Like wow, man!

Rick the Prick brought these 60's posters by the shop the other day, so we fired up the black lights, threw on a little Fillmore '69 and got real mellow. There ain't no tweezer reprise here folks. Nope, these are some genuine examples of some weird-ass, commercial grade pop art!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dusting Off The Old Wheelie Monster

After ditching a few of my 'projects' last month, I have some extra scratch and some time and motivation to get my '90 sportster back on the road. I spun the mainshaft bearing in the right hand engine case last summer. Locked the rear wheel right up. Thankfully, the guy in the dually behind me locked his wheels up too and managed to spare me some rear-end action. He gave me a smoke and helped me heft the sporty out of the middle of the road. After the good samaritan split I was left to experience the laughs, jeers and one-fingered salutes of all the motorists I had just passed on the twisties out in bog country. It could have been worse. At least it didn't happen while white lining the fucking thing at 100 MPH.
Like an asshole, I cracked the wheel free and continued to ride the piss out of the thing. When I finally pulled the trans out, all I could see was the end of my riding season. I needed some major machine work done to the case half. J-B weld wasn't gonna cut it this time.
Thankfully, riding season resumed two weeks later and I parked the El Camino. I was blessed with a de-raked, thousand dollar Ironhead Sportster and forgot all about the Evo.
Fast forward one year later to the present day. A friend needs the same type of machine work done to his Drag Bike, so with the jigs set up already, maybe we can both catch a slight break on the cost of the machining. There is already a small local crew that thrash their Sportys on a dragstrip up in Maine once a month when it is warm. Another friend runs a front-engined dragster up there as well.
If I manage to get my ass in gear, I will be racing next summer for kicks. I just have to completely rebuild the engine and transmission. After all.. HOW HARD CAN IT BE?

Shit, I'm already halfway there! (yeah right)

Fuck, it was a rolling basket when I got it, and I already rebuilt the complete valve train and top end. This time I am going all-out. Maybe even a Led Sled hardtail section. Now's the time to do it! We here at CC do shit and go places! We make shit happen! THEN WE FUCKIN' BLOG ABOUT IT! ha ha Then we read our blog, cuz nobody else does! more hahaha

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Call It An Upgrade

Hi returds! Gentle Ken has been busy all summer tearing holes in the map with his rented mule, the Lady Rider. One morning, not too long ago, he came to, and realized that none of the CC alumnus currently rode a Big Twin. He scrambled together what was left of his brain cells and with the help of Craigslist and his trusty half-broken digital image collector, he managed to turn this:
and this:into This!
'This' is a near perfect example of what the Motor Company was producing in 1990. Although the bike is 21 years old, it has less miles than the '04 Sporty I just offloaded. I intend to keep this bike as stock looking as possible. After all, a motorcycle is all original only once in it's life, and this thing lasted over 20 years as such. Granted, I still have a lot more chrome to remove, (already skimmed about 20 lbs off the top) but it is a good starting point for a stock resto.
The bike was bought with one thing in mind... Adding miles! After putting over 30,000 of 'em onto three Sportsters in as many years, I heeded the advice of the local old dudes, and decided to see what the FXR was all about. So far, so good. I can't wait for the annual pilgrimage to the Smoke Out next year! Or I might try to make it to Sturgis! Or Cali?
The best part about the whole thing;
The deal was so sweet, that it left me with a big ol' stack of Franklins to get the wheelie monster back on the road, and, if all goes as planned, onto the strip as well! More on that later...