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Friday, April 29, 2011


there has got to be some more go-fast in here somewhere...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i wonder if this is what george smith had in mind?

turns out S&S stacks fit perfectly on mikuni craberaters, kinda. just gotta make the two stick together. 

this puppy is gonna look sick behind my YZ motor.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

coming along nicely

so chris called me up and said he had something special to show me, something he's been working on for a little while. imagine my disappointment when it was not potato-powered jet-ski. that not withstanding, he did manage a dope paint job. all done by him using nothing special for materials but through time put in he now has something remarkable. fantastic job. 

its gonna suck to watch him pull in the trim with this sled while i scavenge for sun-baked balloon-knots on my rusty pile. maybe i should be taking notes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now available in pocket size!!!

Feeling confident? Pretty proud of your sweet motorcycle? Just pull out your travel-Lumpy and scribble a quote on his sign! Quotes like : What the fuck do you want faggot?, Oh its that queer with the holes in his ears again, where's your gay sidekick with the flipper feet?, You retards read too many comic books!, I have one but I'm not selling it to you!, Eat me!, This is America you asshole we don't use the fucking metric system...AMERICA!! Understand? English?

Crunch time 'til lunch time!

I've once again found myself too busy doing things to blog about..the things I'm doing. So rather than try to formulate some interesting, bullshit story that portrays me as someone capable of exercising good judgment, proper planning, and excellent(if any) blogger skills, I'm just going to indiscriminately dump all the pictures from my shit cell phone into one post and try my best to explain what I was doing and why it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I finally got my trans working again and then decided to do something about that stupid 4" stretch my weld on hardtail added.
Unique Ison and I hacked it off and had it mocked up shortly thereafter.
I made some time to finish a tank I started a couple years ago. I may end up using it on my sporty.

Pulled my motor to replace some gaskets and take a look in the cylinders as I had never had the heads off this motor since I got it. Everything was straight.
Since I had the motor out I decided to tig the frame up all nice and fill in the 30 thousand holes Ive drilled in this frame over the years.
When I first welded the hardtail on years ago I welded the seat stays to the back of the seat posts so I actually had to slug and extend them in order to make the frame shorter...
Finished the frame.
Bought another gun.
Got some new rubber.
Sand blasted and painted my heads while they were off.
Hardtailed an XS650 frame for Nate Dogg.
Spun up some 304 ss counterbores at work for my sissy bar and Jazzy Jeff's. Ordered a 7 metal west aluminum fender.
Got attacked by a rogue tree while 4wheeling and fucked my door up.
Got a used door cheap and murdered out my truck.
Got the new motor in the CX running and bought another gun..

Cut up some swap meet z bars for Crack rock Steady Jeff and made them 5" more comfy and 2" more cozy.
That's better.
Bought a really dumb Czechoslovakian moped and brought it up to my apartment in the elevator. (totally spelled Czechoslovakian without spellcheck! I knew I woke up for a reason today!)
Pulled the head and cylinder and found the piston to be gnar as fuck. Its the original standard piston so my best guess is the monkeys that made the motor didn't chamfer the ports. The cylinder was actually in great shape and measures within spec so I honed it and ordered a new standard piston from Budapest, Hungary for $15! Win.
And finally I find myself eating rice and beans and having a very involved conversation with my pet flying squirrel about her day. I hope this peek into the last couple months of my life and my cell phone has answered all your meaning of life type questions, etc. I'm going to bed...

Friday, April 15, 2011

i just had to go for a ride...

must have angered the gods so to punish me they sent more white stuff, gah.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

so, he wants to powder coat...

so chris went and got a "home kit" for powder coating. i was really skeptical about the results he would get considering how inexpensive the gun was. 
 the c-list oven competed the package. i think the total investment was under $50.
 and as with many things, its all about the prep work. he did a great job prepping and was very careful to read and fallow the directions; as a result he got fantastic results.

Monday, April 11, 2011

tore down...

wheel needs to be power coated, pipes to be wrapped...
 thingamajigs to be sorted out...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

chris' paint booth...

chris is in tear-down and final assembly mode. 

he is also in "wanna get it done so i can ride" mode

Thursday, April 7, 2011

slight bumout...

so i want for some small rides this week and deemed my brakes to be inadequate. good thing i did. i found a perforated piston boot, brown fluid, frozen fittings and spent pads. 
 fortunately i had a spare caliper collecting dust and managed to salvage the pads and fittings from this.
 it knocked me off the road for a couple days but the piece of mind feels good. now the front and back stoppers work well enough going by vintage standards. and i forgot to take a picture but i thought i should remind or inform anyone reading this crap that you should always use some form of mechanical locking if you run any kind of mechanical actuation for your brakes. what the hell is that you ask? if you have a lever that moves to make something happen and that action makes you stop, it should have a locking mechanism. loctite is okay, nylocs are okay but remember that those are technically only to be used once, lock-washers are pretty good too. but through having to go through AMA tech inspections and listening to Dylan's advise, my new standard is safety wire. if there is a nut or bolt that could cause catastrophic damage then that shit is wired, end of story.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011