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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Horse ACO race bike

Rolled up some .080 aluminum to make shims so the bigger Yamaha FZR600 clip-ons will work.
Now I just need to cut 3.75" off of the fork tubes in the lathe and re-thread them.
Props to Weird Beard for cranking out some motor mounts for the KTM motor and tacking them in.

Getting mad dome! (Part deux)

Savers was lacking in the Hello Kitty department but had tons of 1978 DC comics Superman sheets! Pretty fuckin' gay so I ran with it..
Some spray glue and a little massaging...
and one side's done. I did my best to have Superman's body line up when the 2 halves are together.
oh man..

doin it...

Monday, March 29, 2010

sparks are neat

an older biker-dude gave me some good advise once pertaining to riding old bikes for decent distances and this is not a direct quote but whatever. he said: even if you're in your own driveway, fix your bike with what you carry. even if it takes a lot longer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

stafford swapmeet, fun for all

it was a coconut customs family outing down to the Stafford Speedway for the spring swap. we got there as early as possible and managed to score some decent gear; among the finds were some very affordable tools, gadgets and some sweet old titty pics. i took a bunch of pictures and will be getting them up here with a quickness but here is a little bit...
the rarely photographed Gentle Ken
an H2 hillclimber that would absolutely rape your titties
yeah, thats a great idea, cause we dont have enough problems
think it would work on my van?

Super rad dome piece to the max!

Time to reupholster my passenger helmet. As if just being seen on the back of my bike wasn't insulting enough, now anyone inebriated enough to climb on has to wear a shitty swap meet procured dome piece lined with some offensive piece of fabric.
These things are much easier to reline if you split the foam in half. It also makes it easier to install the relined foam back into the shell. Some helmets actually come this way anyway.

I use whatever foam I can find, whatever's comfy...today I'm using old carpet padding. (remember "insult to injury" is the theme here)
Headliner spray glue works really well here and makes you happy if your shop is in an enclosed basement.
Trim the fat..blah, blah, blah..
Time to go to saver's to find some hello kitty themed fabric! To be continued...

Monday, March 22, 2010

healthy choices...

bunch of granola-eating banana heads... i just don't know about these two.

and introducing the newest member of our fabrication department, Fong. we find him here, making some sweet Coconut parts to be featured in the Custom Chrome (TM) book; more on that later. keep up the good work Fong and we'll check in later to watch you strip paint with a paper towel up your nose.
i don't want to come off as a racist, but if you ever needed an additional reason to buy American-produced metal products...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a messed up day..

Gentle Ken riding a minibike track on his shiny sportster. A flat track racer on a XR100. And Steady Jeff ponders his Triumph roller.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby steps..

After being kicked in the sacagawea by a Buell Blast for the 8th and final time, it was time for an uplifting session of sporty-work... Too bad it didn't go that way. After confidently plumbing and bleeding my sick new Brembo radial master cylinder I received yet another swift kick to the sacramento. My new master cylinder (dope as it is) can't move enough fluid to actuate my returded HD banana caliper. Awesome... now I need ANOTHER master cylinder. This time from some Jap-bike with 20 front calipers so that it might be able to move enough fluid for my coffee can sized brake piston. Whatever, if it were easy you'd be doing it instead of reading my gay blog about how I did it. On the bright side, now the ACO KTM/RD bike has a new fancy master cylinder. At least I got my oil filter mounted..what up extra quart of oil!

pet peeve

i will never understand why people frisco the tank and not lower the tunnel. seems dumb. i did it for years and the gaping hole under the tank always bothered me. adds an unfinished flaw to an otherwise tight ride. course not everyone is friends with a good TIG welder and my lack of paint also adds that unfinished flaw. but my ride is not otherwise "tight".