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Thursday, January 27, 2011

winter fixes...

with garage season in full swing and my patience thoroughly worn out by fiberglass, the Sporty is now up on the bench for its annual going over. the "to do" list is pretty long and ambitious but i ain't got a job yet so we can call it all "cabin fever preventative maintenance". but tearing into this turd has lost all intrigue over the years and i would much rather ride it as-is rather than improve upon its stupidity. so to ease into it, i'm starting out with the little things. first up was an exhaust mount. the original is somewhere in baltimore and its summer fix replacement might be in north dakota. fuk'em both. this new one should hold for awhile. 

the coil mount had a crack in it and was cramping the oil-cooler's style, besides i had some finely engineered aluminum bits dylan had made that i had immediately vetoed and banished to the scrap bucket. he only wasted 10 working hours on them so it wasn't a huge loss, for me. 

some inventions are still being developed but are still too top secret for a post. needless to say, when introduced they will make use of the term: "carbonfibervaginalrephasingbarbariandickwoodsplitter".

and i am tired of doing my fork seals every other year. these babies exude testosterone and should help keep them clean.