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Saturday, June 25, 2011

You Deserve A Good Blogging...

I have not really posted anything on here in a while. That is not for lack of motorcycle related activities that I am involved in, or that I am too busy to take a couple pics and post them. Mainly, a local self-proclaimed bike builder/blogger/bullshit artist has ruined it for me. I am embarrassed to somehow mistakenly be associated with that scene.
I do this because it is kind of like writing in a journal that interested friends and family can look at if they want to see what kind of things I am working on. I am not trying to create a scene, or piggyback on someone else's deal. Warren invited me to contribute to his blog. I am not interested in being part of the fake Coconut Customs motorcycle shop/club/racing team. (okay, well, maybe just a little) Self-promotion is not my goal here. None of this should be taken very seriously. We all have real jobs and real lives here at CC. This is what we do the other 90 percent of the time. No Hype, No Bullshit.

Here is a tank I have been working on for the Wheelie Monster Sporty. I laid the basecoat and the flake on it over a year ago, when I painted Dylan's bike, then put it on the shelf. After a lengthy battle between Scallops and Flames, the Flames came out on top.
This coming week I will back-mask and spray the flames so that they will be popping with Candy Orange goodness. The background is a purplish-black candy that my boss mixed up for me. I wanted flat black, but he punched me in the mouth. He has been painting Harleys since before I was born. Never question the master. It looks black unless you are looking at it in the sun. Or under the bright lights of a paint booth. That's cool though, the Purple/Orange combo reminds me of a Mescaline trip I once had, anyway.
Earlier this year, I broke my shifter shaft detent spring in the Period Piece FXR. Fairly common problem with the five-speeds. It is a $2.00 part that took me a week's worth of lunch breaks to replace!
I decided (against the advice of the local elders) to replace the whole pawl assembly/shift shaft with a Baker unit. They supposedly have re-designed it to prevent broken springs. Baker uses a square spring, for some reason they don't snap as easily as the round cross-sectioned ones do. Time, and my reckless, speed demon driving style, will tell.
Hopefully my next post will show a nearly completed Hot Rod Sporty. I just buttoned up the combustion part of it today, and will be assembling the trans in the morning. Maybe I can sneak some pics of the progress tomorrow. If I were to be seen taking pictures of my motor rebuild, I would probably get stabbed with a screwdriver for being such a pussy. Old gearheads have very little tolerance for blogging or blogging-related activities. Somehow, Warren gets a free pass though. He must be doing something right.