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Sunday, July 3, 2011

going fast is stupid

i have decided that going fast is for losers who stay home on saturday nights. i base this on my last saturday night spent repacking bearings. i wanted to run ceramic considering i apparently know a dude who knows a dude who makes them. but the budget is nothing but an eviscerated, emaciated, decapitated, fenestrated corpse bereft of an resemblance to its former, steadfast manifestation. so the old bearings are being cleaned and repacked with chrysler approved wheel bearing grease. all is well and good except one side resisted extraction and scored the seat. a consultation was held with the machinist at work. i imagined my hub chalked up in the lathe being trimmed back to pristine goodness. to my surprise he suggested that i lay off the caffeine and have a go at it with the dremmel. then pound it home with some red thread locker. seems to be in straight and spinning so hopefully i will forget about this shade-tree fix by race day.