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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dyno time, finally.

i wanted to take a picture or two while on the dyno but it was way too much fun.
granted, no one reads this blog, but a huge thank you goes out to Yellowstone Harley Davidson. they treated me like gold; 3 power pulls for a 24 pack of Peebers. AND, there was something about my bike that continued to shut down their computer, as soon as i hit power band, the whole thing would freeze up. in the end we had to clean out a bunch of drain pans and shield the CPU with them in an effort to deflect some of the electromagnetic hate spewing from my stator.
so the way it breaks down is this: 36 HP 33 ft.lbs. of torque in 2nd gear at just under 6krpm. kind weak but that is at the rear wheel running 19-28 gears. i was able to do two more pulls in 3rd and 4th gears and the HP dropped a little with each shift. so now i can map out my HP throughout the transmission. it all sounds kinda stupid but i promise, Mouse (my smarter alter-ego) says he has a plan.