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Saturday, March 17, 2012

good lord its been awhile...

what the duce have we been up to? well, for one, guns have been a new found way to pass the time. 
 the pipes were pulled off of the sporty to reveal what i suspected was happening under the header wrap, tons of rust. so, considering spring is here i felt like this needed to be addressed.
 some springs to replace the stupid, last minute, clamp and a little super high-temp paint followed by cheap-o black. hopefully the black will partially burn off but no luck so far.
 the triple clamps on the salt bike got a little attention too; shaved and re-welded
 swap meet score. new fenders are on the way for the salty express so i will likely be needing these
 i's a weldur...    the tank is nearly done. it takes awhile to get anything TIGed when you can only take one lunch break per day, lame
 dylan's donation to the rear fender
i would carry on for longer but its too nice out.