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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

exhaust design

so, as it turns out, sheet metal is a pain. 
 these two "fenders" started out life as a sporty gas tank and a road king fender. and with some cutting and welding, they are on their way to being salty fairings. everything is mounted and welded, now all that is needed is the generous application of bondo and sandpaper. then off to paint, i hope.
 once the fenders are with the painter i can focus all my attention on the exhaust. my erector-set, "carefully" measured engine specs and gratuitously rounded guesstimations have been plugged into a secret decoder ring and out popped a CAD drawing.

the dude who made sense of my blather obviously has a properly calibrated stuponitronic helmet. out of respect, i will not mention his name, lord knows he will have a long and prosperous future in the racing/performance industry and i will not be the one to spoil his good name by associating it with Coconut Customs.