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Monday, January 7, 2013

the last two weeks...

i likely live in one of the most inefficient manners possible. i seems like i work on one side of the state and play on the other. as a result i am constantly car-camping. the weekend leading up to New Years was no exception. once i left work in friday afternoon i had the next 4 days to screw-off. and screw-off i did. working the door at my night job was pretty damn uneventful, the only purpose it seemed to serve was to keep me out waaaay too late. so the next morning it was time to get to the recreating. copper mountain was very kind to me despite having only 3 hours of sleep. 

 YAAY to top secret stashes of gnargnar.
that night was just as dull at the bar but the next morning was all about Loveland. 

 the first ride of the day was in the back of a Ford Ranger with two other buddys, three dogs and all our gear.
 Lakotah and her man-beast Will came out to play.

 then there was new years eve....              fuck my ass and call me susan....
 moving right along. after a 4 nights combined total of 12 hours sleep i headed out to Mayflower Gulch for a little exploring.

 and then back to Copper i went.
 glue was applied after i was attacked by a savage marmot. fuzzy little beast ambushed me
 3 day later the CAIC basically said: go after it. so a few hero-lines were sent

 and more glue was applied.