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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

damn i'm a slacker...

no one really cares, i know i just put stuff up here to hear myself talk but whatever. its been a long and busy month. i've been primarily concerned with fighting off cabin-fever and that gets me outta the house most of the time. 
overlooking keystone at loveland pass
 i made a new seat for my sportster. $25 snowboard, $30 springs and a bunch of stickers. this little project was incredibly frustrating for some reason.

 we all love playing militia
 Scott came over to get his sled up to par. the motivation to fix the headlights was a 40' lawn-dart to a creek bed because he missed a turn doing almost 70mph.
 tracks to my own private playground
 snows getting deep in the backcountry, about 7' in some spots
 and with the fun-powder come the party crashers; as of today we're in a very touchy avalanche cycle. the founder of Vail lost a relative yesturday when the snow broke loose. i triggered two last week, very scary lately
 a little in-bounds action with Ariell over at Copper. they got hammered with snow last week

 chest deep!!

 this was a stupid idea fro the get-go
 exhibit: A