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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CB900F, a new whip enters the garage...

The deal: through some fortunate circumstances, a CB900F has fallen into my possession; total cost: $0. The issue is that it has a blown jug but still miraculously does 90mph on the highway. This is cool 'cause I have never had one of these motors apart so I get to learn all about them AND I get to finally repay a debt from way back.
See, a long time ago, my good friend CJ gave me his cherished Chevette to keep safe while he went off to Basic. Things didn't work out quite right and I ended up with a Grand Theft warrant and the car was lost. Now I have a bike to give him for the cost of parts and if he is allowed to "help" he considers us to be even. The only bummer is that he doesn't know which end of a wrench to use, but is well versed in the use of hammers, bugling and apparently sodomy. If I can keep from laughing my ass off then I might finish this silly thing this month.

Working with CJ can be a bit challenging.
Its not like I need any distractions to fuck up a DOHC motor.