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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i declare it to be summer...

its a thousand degrees in the shade and some insulation needed to go away

if you are going to be motoring around the state of MA, be weary, the police are out in force. this weekend marks the start of summer and everyone is pumped to BBQ, drink beer and (in our case) tool around on our home-made shit-sleds. and i will admit, its kinda fun to pipe it every chance you get. however, don't do it, not this weekend. the cops are out there with decimeters and they are writing noise violations like their lives depend on it.
we were planning on heading to the plymouth downtown area this weekend, but our local field agents have issued an "avoid at all costs" warning for the entire area; i would take it easy anywhere the tourons will congregate. cops have been spotted in the sneakiest of ambush spots and are out to make a difference. and if you do happen to get nabbed, exercise your right to FIGHT IT!

--Maximum allowable A-weighted sound levels as measured from 50 feet (Chapter 90, Sec. 7T): 82dBA at 45mph or less; 86dBA over 45mph. Stationary noise levels: Motorcycles required to be registered for operation on the ways of the commonwealth shall not exceed the following noise levels when operated at 1/2 redline speed--99dBA manufactured after 1/1/86--102dBA manufactured before 1/1/86 (540 CMR 3:00) http://home.ama-cycle.org/amaccess/laws/result.asp?state=MA
--Generally speaking, you must have a baffle in the exhaust system of a motorcycle. Straight pipes are illegal, and your motorcycle must meet certain noise requirements. For motorcycles manufactured before 1986, 102 decibels is the legal limit, 99 decibels for motorcycles manufactured after 1986. http://www.mass.gov/rmv/faq/inspection.htm#9