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Thursday, May 20, 2010

so there i was...

so while i was working on my tan at the swap this past weekend i looked over some of my crap and wondered why some of it was brought along. one item in particular was a '78 DT400 motor. granted, i also had the title and neck, but who would really want this silly odd-ball?
then Steve walked up with his son. we got to talking and he ended up with my motor as a spare and i ended up with gas money in my pocket and a really cool story with pics.
take it away Steve: This is a '74 DT360 frame with 400 motor in it. A Motard style is what I was after. I did all the work but the fiber wrapping of the tank. Intake was modified with a custom made boost bottle (old technology now but new in the '70's), delta force reed cage for a yz125 and a Power Mister on the carb. The expansion chamber was also built by me. I have just over $600 into the entire build including a donor motor. The bike even came with a MA title. When I registered it they had no idea what to charge me for sales tax and I got away with a $5 charge.