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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yo shitters...

Okay so it's go-time and we have been slacking on the posts lately, but for good reason (not pussy this time). It's June and a lot of things are coming together at both the Coconut Customs North and West Campuses.
Dylan is hammering out the final details on his ACO bike and to say things are down to the wire is a gross understatement. So much in fact, that due to our sick sense of humor, the maiden voyage/shake-down run may be the required 10 miles from "mysterious points unknown" to the Smoke Out. I for one, can't wait to see him bump-start that monster along side the rest of the contestants...we are turds, no doubt.
On my end, I will be away from my porn-cube for a couple weeks to venture out into unknown territory. First I fly to Montangya so I can find a new place to live, a job, and a hope and a prayer. Then as soon as I land back east, I head south-bound to Rockingham, NC. This will prove to be a bit tricky. Not only will I be fighting the jet-lag and a week of car-camping, but the bike is in a staggering state of neglect. Along with a cracked primary cover, a worn clutch, spent chain and sprockets, stripped screw holes and a bald tire; I am also sorting out an electrical ghost and "sweaty heads". All just days before a 2,000 mile journey. On the plus side, I got a new tent.
The other returds involved are all getting there shit together. Steadyjeff has been boned by the Triumph gods and will not be getting his steed together in time for the party. He is however sweaseling towards enough days off to get his ass south. Only time will tell on that one, but his cutie-girl is pumped on the idea so at least he has some motivation. Gentle Ken has barely enough time off to make it, but he will no doubt be doing 90+mph to and from the festivities. If anyone can pull it off, he can. He has go-nads of fury and a bike that likes him.
So this is us signing off for a little while. When we get back I'm sure we'll have a couple stories, some burns, a rash, a bail bondsman, acute memory loss, no money, at least one new piston, and hopefully a bunch of pictures to share.
So fuck-off for now and if you see us anywhere, kick Dylan in the yam-bag THEN say "hi".