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Monday, August 9, 2010

a funny thing happened to me at SOTB...

before being called a vagrant and asked to leave, i was enjoying some of SC's finest solar radiation when i heard this wonderful racket coming from the off ramp. it was the familiar sound of hot valves splashing around in cooked oil and down the pavement rolls a deliciously worn-in Guzzi. i told myself: "this dude is absolutely heading towards the Smoke Out, lets go say hi".
his name is ken and he was not part of the chopper pilgrimage. however, he was on his own trip both on the road and in his head; follow the link at the bottom for his story, its really pretty rad. the bike he had happened upon was this old guzzi. this thing had very minimal work done to make it sea worthy when he decided to rally it from his home on Martha's Vineyard down to some old stomping grounds in Flo-rida. unfortunately he withstood the temptation to blow-off 'sponsatilities and come to rockingham, bum out. but his new trip starts up in september so check out the link and fallow him along. http://Kenamick.blogspot.com/