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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

maine, moose, man, machine.....

so at the last possible second, the decision was made to head up to the Loring Airforce Base in Limestone, ME for their speed trials shindig. i usually don't like jumping into something like this being as unprepared as i was but the need to run was hard to refuse. fact is, this was so last minute, i didn't even have a number assignment.
clearing the tech inspection was surprisingly easy and i was informed that i was one of the more prepared guys to get in line; this i found terrifying considering the event. so i was given my numbers and class and then pointed towards the fuel tent for some high-octane love, once the tank was sealed it was fun-time...
on the first run i quickly ran out of gearing. i was surprised to have my B-side motor push 14-28 gears so well and as a result didn't carve out my cases ahead of time. but with a polite "please" i was able to score a dremmel from the lakester team next to me and they proceeded to watch in horror as i cut away at 30 y/o cases. and on went the 19 tooth...
the "go big or go home" attitude didn't fair well when i tried to run 19-28 gears and the clutch let me know. my former "plan A" motor was along for the trip to lend a hand and some clutch bits; plates, springs and mainly shims

the destruction continued for a couple more runs but once the carb was dialed she went pretty well and the final run almost didn't happen due to a 2-stroke's need to kill everything around it. the brake retainer bolt was lost on a run making the slowing process a bit stressful (red loctite let me down) and the chain guard jettisoned when the motor severed it's own castings.
all in all it was a hoot and everything went reasonably well. the only hiccup besides the breakage was a slight delay of racing caused by a stray moose jockeying for a better viewing spot.