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Friday, December 3, 2010

one man's triumphant triumph

look at this kid! hoss is on top of the world! that expression is reserved for very few occasions in a man's life; like finding your first nudie mag, discovering fireworks, maybe the first time you stole a chic's soul or even crime scene sessions. in this case its his first chopper, and a fine specimen it is. 

  it came with all kinds of silly, period/drunken correct thingy's such as the token bolt-on hardtail. not a bad component except for the loosely fitted 1/4 inch bolt keeping Steady's ass out of almost certain doom. 

 unfortunately, like any chopper you buy, there is no telling what the blood-alcohol level might have been when certain things were altered. one case in point was the "rake job". sometime way back in the annals of chopper history, likely in a smokey haze, the backbone was sectioned and the downtube heated and bent back. okay fine, not how i would have done it but whatever. the issue being the booger welding that held it all together. the old brazing wasn't fully cleaned out and further screwed up the stick welding job. to compound this, the solution was to gusset it with 1/16th sheet and more crumby welding. apparently when that didn't turn out as planned, they just covered it up with 10 pounds of bondo, nice. i think Steady bought me a coffee as compensation for the cancer i developed while removing that last "structural" component. 

the hardtail was welded on for good measure and fun, while the backbone was completely removed and replaced with 2" DOM and the down tube was straightened back out. 
now if he can get the engine back from the roaming gnome, we might have a motorcycle to photograph...