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Monday, December 27, 2010

this seems counter-productive

so the AMA says i need at least one set of functioning brakes and the front set is optional. but with moving the rider's position comes moving all the stuff the rider uses. making the brakes work from so far back wasn't really that hard but all the bits needed some re-working. 

 the lever needed to have a new pivot and its arm extened
i remember reading an old interview with an F1 crew chief. i forget who it was or most of what was written. the one thing i did take away was him saying something like: the trick to making a car competitive is making everything in it do more than one thing. now the brake anchor point now pulls triple duty; brake anchor, peg mount and brake pivot.

 it would be a bummer to put a bunch of effort into making something only to have it come all apart. and while at Loring i took the opportunity to go over some of the more professional rigs. a common trait that they all shared was the abundance of safety wire. more specifically, how many more things they thought to safety wire. i am absolutely taking this observation to heart.