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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

good lord, what is all this garbage?

not even counting wrenches, paperwork, and "normal tools" we have the just-in-case stuff: one extra motor, 3 intake tracts, 22 jet sizes, 2 complete sets of top-end gaskets, 1 extra piston, 3 different drive gears, 7 extra spokes, 5 different exhaust gaskets, several sized axel spacers, 2 extra coils, 1 extra CDI, 1 extra stator, a spatula, my ex-room mate's thong, number paint, 2 extra throttle cables, 2 extra clutch cables, 1 extra throttle twister-thingy, another clutch lever and perch, shift lever,  master links, spare chain, an assortment of pre-mixes and a mess of extra sponsor stickers.
okay, i think the first tool box is packed...