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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

its so down to the wire.

things over here are deep in the crunch. i very recently got my motor back from the Porter and the inside is a thing of beauty, the ports are so smooth that they feel a little sticky. he went all-out on this and consorted with several "dudes who know their shit" and has incorporated several ideas that should work. emphasis on the 'should'. this is racing after all.    
 he also called in several favors from back in the day and tracked down a bounty of NOS parts in addition to getting a few other dudes on board with the project: Chris Carson Marine
our new dude hooked me up with 3 sets of 3 different weights of reed valves custom cut to fit my cage! i will put up picks of the motor's internals later.
 fortunately the boss was away for the week and i was able to set up in a sanitary spot to measure the port angles and such.
 one major problem from last year's race was clutch slippage. a call to Barnetts solved that with man-sized springs and all new disks.

 and now the down side: spark. i tore the whole thing down for paint and to install the new motor. when i put it all back together electrical activity came to a standstill and i have yet to remedy the issue. i had tested everything prior to disassembly and it all checked out, now who knows. i can read a multimeter as well as i can read Brail so things are a bit tense. some parts are on order but this is a make or break thing.
 still on the list is to finish the fairings and dial in the exhaust...
oh and the chariot that was to carry me to glory (the big stinky van) has decided to throw it's 2 cents in and blow the brake master cylinder. FML. so if i am not around, you know what i'm doing and updating this blog is not a priority within this mix of tasks. unlike many other idiots on the innerweb, we actually wrench.