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Monday, September 12, 2011


the main thing you do on the salt is wait in line. first you wait to register, then tech inspection, then pre-staging, then at the starting line. about the only cool thing with waiting in line is that it seems to be your only time to BS with other teams. 
 these are the cats that made life way better. we met them a few years ago and apparently made enough of an impression.

 on our way to the hardware/solution store
 so our main issue out there was holding traction. a tire swap was out of the question so many we did what the older guys were doing, adding weight. the only option was conduit filled with cement. it got us 22 pounds heavier and 4mph faster. too bad the tech-guys said they were only letting us back on the track because we promised this would be our last try.
 searching for the very elusive "good angle"