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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

an idiot's trip the the Bonneville Salt Flats

after driving for most of the night and camping behind an 18-wheeler we finally made it to the salt. on the trip there dylan had installed the new radio, pointed out our need of "more modern and not filled with water" headlights and noticed a slight oil leak from the depths of the van; 2 quarts every 150 miles. either way, we got there again. 
 seeing the sun come up over this church of speed should be on every gear-head's bucket list.
 as luck would have it we found a familiar face at the "the bend". this is Ed. Ed is awesome. Ed makes up 1/3 of Speed Team Doo (STD) and races an old triumph 250 in the partially streamlined class. the be more specific, he owns the current record. if it were not for him and the rest of STD, our trip would have been far more miserable.
 waiting for them to open the event.
 dylan assigned himself the dubious task of chasing the leak and plugging it. this was no small task by any means and in the process he managed to mummify is backside from lying on salt all day.