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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

this is probably a bad idea...

this post may be one of the worst ideas i've had in awhile. these are pictures of the Salt Bike's engine mods for our last trip to the salt. to put up what i've got in my engine is kind of a racing fuax pas because now anyone can try and copy them or whatever. but realistically, without the measurements, anyone who tries this without knowing what they're doing will just end up uncorking their motor so have at it. one picture that i lost or may have already posted was that of the piston's mods. the piston was windowed to match up with the expansion of the intake ports. a way long time ago i mentioned that the intake never really closes and these are what make that happen. the only thing between my race motor and a 20 pound paper weight are the reed valves. and those are pushed pretty far too. the cage of another make and model were modified to be sharper and wider and accept i wider petal. this is where Chris Carter came in. he made us a few sets of different weight reeds just for this engine, sweet deal. all this nonsense resulted in 36hp at the rear wheel while running 2:1 final drive. i have yet to figure out how that translates to what the Factory lists as the stock HP, mainly cause i can't find what they listed so who cares what the comparison is. 
anyways, there is zero moneys in the bank but i've been trash picking for materials.