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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

days 10 and 11

after i stayed up checking IDs all friday night i though i deserved a 'lil R&R so up the lift i went with a few co-conspirators in tow. ropes were cut and gapers were tormented with relentless persistence. towards the end of it when everyone else had to go to work i had some runs by myself and popped a few pics. the camera-phone doesn't do that great a job but you get the point. i heart Copper Mtn. 

 then saturday was on...
 riding in bounds is a bunch of fun and its super easy to access. but back country is where the shit is at.
 Loveland Pass is still pretty thin in many places but where the snow is thick, its also slidey. CAIC forecasted the area as having "considerable avalanche danger" with persistent slabs forming in most of the fun spots, significant cross loading and a consistent 30mph wind with gusts knocking me down a few times. fortunately i know of a few solid ribbons running down from the ridge.
 i was doing a little jig down at the hitching spot and managed to score a few rides back up to the top in short order. some folks run a shuttle with a group of friends but i am most often here on my own so exercising one's thumb is crucial. its also a big part of the fun because who knows what is going to pick you up; a lesson i have learned is to NOT take your helmet off till you get all the way back up and on your own again, you never know when you might have to bail out.
 the slope wasn't that fast but the snow was nice and soft. i was white washed a few times after hitting underlying rocks but nothing worse than a stiff neck and snow in the ass crack.