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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ken's Korner

I'd rather be out for a putt on my scoot, but I jus' figgered I'd post this flick of this leg-wettin' honey for you all to drool over! ( all 4 of you, including the one guy who used to be a follower, but then quit, but still reads this blog cuz he steals pictures from here and puts them on his new blog, hence the water marks) So enjoy! and a great big slice of raisin pie to you all!
I am running with the theme of my last installment, Old Rags! I have added a few issues of Iron Horse to my prolific collection of (i really hate the word, but it applies here) vintage magazines. My big score at Stafford this spring was a big stack of IH for ten bucks!
My other score was this sweet set of Nightster Mid Controls, including super Dark little pegs with officially licensed scrapers. The Lady Rider is getting Dark. Too Dark to see. New black bars are on, too. I procured them from my sources within the Motor Clothing Factory. I love getting parts for cost. I received a couple more HD goodies too, which I will keep you posted on. I swear I am going somewhere with all of this.
I found this bell swinging from the undercarriage of my 883 when I bought it. I promptly ripped it off, despite warnings that Gremlins will lick and poke my bike while I am sleeping. My good friends Weird Beard and Dylan weiss (who is in The Horse by the way haha) refused to let it lie. Now My bike is called the Lady Rider, cuz it is a gay blue 883, and I as well have taken the name of Lady Rider, because I ride ladies. Below is a picture of me, doing what I do best.