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Thursday, April 15, 2010

summers comin

seems as though things are slowing down a bit. all across the inner-nerd dudes are dusting off their bikes, living life and, consequently, posting is grinding down. we here at CC have been subject to these same circumstances as well as several other factors which have all but halted our stupid banter and ranting. for instance, we all have bikes that are ridable (our standards), we are all getting pussy on the fairly regular and one of us actually (rather accidentally) finally got his dank-ass a job and stopped living on the dole. all great things to do besides post on this moronic bog.
but we are still working on some other shit. i am still wrestling with a CB900 and my annoying salt racer. Dylan just got his tins back from paint and is doing his best to overcome adversity with the ACO scooter. Gentle Ken is toiling through old bike rags in search of the perfect beaver and doing his best to melt the heads off his Lady-Rider. even Steady Jeff has managed to defeat the sharp-tongued bridge-troll and get some parts ordered.
things are coming together, making moves...