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Sunday, April 11, 2010

testing begins

its the crack of dawn at an undisclosed location deep within the CC testing facility and we've begun testing the salt bike...
this morning was a full dry run and it yielded valuable information. most obviously that my Vanson suit sucks nads to put on at 5:30am. the turd parade continued through my couple of laps with run after run of boringness. this thing would not light up, there was none of that 2-stroke terror. this is partially due to the returded gearing (14-24 with an 18") but what is very worry some is my inability to put the HP to the ground. just as i let the clutch out completely i get a super bounce in the driveline. i have quite a bit of chain out there and apparently it could be a bit tighter but also, this new rear wheel has those rubber thingys in the hub. (you know, the thingys that cushion the transfer of torque from the chain wheel to the hub) my old wheel didn't have these so i think to compensate i may take the shims out of the clutch and give it a little slip. not sure really... the bounce is a compounding result of play in the system and a lack of HP to overcome it.
enough of this blogging shit, i gotta get to work.