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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Don't Call It An Upgrade

Hi returds! Gentle Ken has been busy all summer tearing holes in the map with his rented mule, the Lady Rider. One morning, not too long ago, he came to, and realized that none of the CC alumnus currently rode a Big Twin. He scrambled together what was left of his brain cells and with the help of Craigslist and his trusty half-broken digital image collector, he managed to turn this:
and this:into This!
'This' is a near perfect example of what the Motor Company was producing in 1990. Although the bike is 21 years old, it has less miles than the '04 Sporty I just offloaded. I intend to keep this bike as stock looking as possible. After all, a motorcycle is all original only once in it's life, and this thing lasted over 20 years as such. Granted, I still have a lot more chrome to remove, (already skimmed about 20 lbs off the top) but it is a good starting point for a stock resto.
The bike was bought with one thing in mind... Adding miles! After putting over 30,000 of 'em onto three Sportsters in as many years, I heeded the advice of the local old dudes, and decided to see what the FXR was all about. So far, so good. I can't wait for the annual pilgrimage to the Smoke Out next year! Or I might try to make it to Sturgis! Or Cali?
The best part about the whole thing;
The deal was so sweet, that it left me with a big ol' stack of Franklins to get the wheelie monster back on the road, and, if all goes as planned, onto the strip as well! More on that later...