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Sunday, November 21, 2010

free stuff isn't always cool

the exception being when that free shit is useful. after years of service in a high school science room i've inherited this beauty. a little oil and calibration a-la dylan and it should be ready for services. the real winner in this score is dylan who is a little closer to never having these frustrating conversations any more:
dylan: "yeah, i can make you that, how thick should it be"?
warren: "about that thick"
"i can't see your fingers over the phone"
"how thick is that other thing you did? add like a bit to that" 
"what thing? and how much should i add? i deal with numbers, like a person living in the real world. give me a number that corresponds to some measurement on some continent or i am hanging up"
"how think is paper"?
"i really can't deal with you anymore"
i paid for the book however. it was next to free and considering its contents i felt it was a worthwhile investment. i have been taking a little static from some folks that i thought were helpful and finding resources that i did not expect. the static is usually in the form of: "yer bitting off too much and yer gonna fuck up your engine. just have a real pro do the work". f-that. the real pros got that way by asking questions, research and having some balls. and i guarantee that they all fucked up some things along the way. i've also grown a new respect for some dudes through this project. when my line of questioning hit a point where they say: "wow, i don't know", cool. thanks for being honest. thanks for not throwing up a wall declaring me to be silly for asking.