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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

trying to do it better

 so, like i said before, i am in the middle of doing my winter fixes. some of these have been pretty simple and one is proving to be tricky. while i was riding through canada, i tried to pass a logging truck off in the middle of nowhere. unfortunately when i goosed the throttle my bike fell flat on its face. this was due to the accelerator pump's action not moving. this was caused by about 4,000 miles worth of road shit being caked into the moving bits. so i thought to myself: "self, someone ought to come up with something to help with this".
well shit, i got nothing but time right now...

so here is a first draft made from carbon fiber. this little bit is why i have not been posting very often. carbon is a huge pain to work with and i've had to come up with my own process for making them.