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Friday, February 11, 2011

Wheelie Monster Flywheel Refreshments

Well, I have been busy gathering go-fast parts for my burnt-out Evo Sportster. Heads and cylinders are back from Advanced. The heads were shaved, dual-plugged, ported and polished and were treated to a complete valve job with some bigger valves. Actually, the valves belong in a twin cam and were machined to fit in my 1200 heads. Cylinders got .005" more taken out of the bore to make it an even .010". In those holes there is a nice shiny new set of Wiseco forged dome-tops. The stock HD cams are down at Zipper's getting the Red Shift treatment. They actually fit new lobes onto your stock cam shafts, this way you retain the correct gear lash the engine came with from the factory.
Left over (but still pretty fresh) from the last time I did the top end, are some S&S lifters and quick change push rods. Last week came some S&S roller rockers, and today the UPS guy brought a new set of S&S heavy duty connecting rods. They should give me a free S&S T-shirt, or at least a sticker!

This picture here is the reason why this whole project was started in the first place. It is where my mainshaft bearing used to sit, the one behind the sprocket on my transmission. The cases needed to be split so that I can get some machine work done on that sloppy, oblong hole. While this is being done, I will make a flywheel jig and check the clearances with the S&S rods installed. Material might need to be removed from the crankpin nut, the cylinder spigots and maybe the cases. Haven't figured out how I will be removing the material, prolly with a whizza wheel, but I may just heat it up with a torch and beat on it with a BFH. (an old Coconut Customs lower end trick)
Then, after the alterations, the whole assembly goes back to Advanced for balancing. All bearings, bushings, shafts and seals in the lower end will get the royal treatment.
I am looking for a flywheel scraper/windage tray, if anyone knows who makes one for a four speed evo XL, let me know please.

This is a huge learning experience for me, I have never been this far into a Harley engine before. I am lucky enough to have some of the best old HD gearheads around to help me through this. After all, I want to go fast, not explode! (again)

I don't have a magic camera, so my pics aren't as trippy as Warren's are. I don't know, eat some mescaline or something, maybe they will glow in the dark. Better yet, eat some peyote and get as far away from your computer as you can. Even better than psycotropic cacti and white fire wolfs, eat some good old-fashioned LSD-25 and go ride that motorcycle into the next dimension instead of trailering it to gay bike shows and make-believe photo shoots. Just because your bike is dirty and broken, doesn't mean you ride it. Get real.
Oh yeah, here are some giant ginger tits and cool art from Easyriders. Click on them and they will get bigger!