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Saturday, February 19, 2011

winter teardown

so the winter tear-apart is mostly complete. the sporty is down to the frame and my imagination is working on a paint scheme sense i have the opportunity. i normally don't give paint this much thought but i have recently come to terms with owning this lump for awhile. also, it may "only be an ironhead" but its mine and its old and i don't want it rusting out from under me. after all, i've had quite a few adventures because of this bike, the least i can do to partially repay this moron-mobile is to take care of it.  call it karma or whatever. i may not be a bike builder but i do know that a well thought out heap is always better then a heap that got that way through neglect and ignorance.  
and here is a prime reason why home made things should be inspected every once in awhile. particularly when one plans on flogging said home made contraption. this bolt was one of 3 that holds the eerl tank in place, no idea when or where i lost the nut; glad i used 3.  
and a thank goes out to dylan for putting me on a safety-wiring frenzy way back when; no oil was lost due to drain plug failure. too bad he wasn't around to remind me that i tied a drain plug to the frame. made pulling the motor that much more fun.