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Friday, March 11, 2011

i suck at painting

i thought i would try painting this stupid motorbike and since the boss was away i thought i'd do it in comfort. i am not a painter and am really bad a striping so i figured why not capitalize on those shortcomings. Dylan also accused me of moving too close to the Left and as a result am having delusions of metal flake and candy coatings. Buddy, don't worry, this shit came out predictably inadequate. but i have a slightly different outlook on bikes lately.    

in prepping the frame for its new outfit i had cleaned it with a cornucopia of cancer inducing chemicals and scrubbed every inch with scotchbrite. it lightened up the color quite a bit and really drew out all of the imperfections in the castings and welds. all of the nicks, scrapes and "oops'" really popped and i didn't have the heart to cover them all up.    
and this is my nifty stand. i made it to do hardtails and it worked well on several occasions. but it worked phenomenally in holding the frame straight up and allowed me to paint the whole thing without having to hang it or reposition.