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Thursday, March 17, 2011

the upgrades just keep comin...

this one should get me into some kind of trouble for sure. i found this light deep in the bowels of a bucket, its a Whelen blue wigwag. these are the same lights you see mounted to police cars and now i have one under my seat. the real reason is so that i can start to fit in with the custom crowd cause everyone knows if your shiz don't glow blue you ain't shizzle. this little baby is bright enough to blind a smurf and the different flash patterns can be utilized to induce seizures, confusion and put out that "rider carries no cash cause i spent it all on gay accessories" vibe.  
 coconut customs' points covers now available in a variety of witty phrases and space age materials. all hand crafted to allow for adequate water passage into to ignition compartment and to put out the "all my tuff-phrased t-shirts are in the wash so read this and be skeerd" message.
 i am trying to locate all the electrics as close together as possible, and my old mount was dumb.
 skinny tires have been delivered and mounted.