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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sporty is touched down...

i took a hot lap around the neighborhood today and despite the stinging cold it felt really good. i have a bit of vibration in the mid range but i think that may be the chain breaking in or a sprocket melting down. either way, if it really needs help it will let me know. and right on que, a mere hour after starting it up the snow came in to piss in my fruit-loops.  

 a couple of these pics are just for dylan. he is an artist when it comes to not only welding but also wiring, for some reason he gets all giddy when wires are nice and neat. so i took a picture as evidence that i can do decent work sometimes; everything is isolated from vibration, crimped, soldered, tied down and shrink-wrapped; hope he approves.
 AND, i even cleared the corn flakes out of my fuel filter.