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Sunday, September 30, 2012

my dirty-ass bike

the season is winding down and i went over the silly machine to see what i need to fix over the winter.  despite a few operator errors, its been a pretty good season and the bike wasn't at fault for any unexpected stops. except, maybe, the carb re-build on one of the wyoming trips. a few things did rattle loose though. 
the wire that i thought would hold the battery in lasted a little while but wasn't around in the endzone. it did have sufficient time to rub a notch in the battery but that POS is getting replaced with a sealed unit of dylan's choice. 

not sure where this little buggy-wug decided to hitch a ride. 

i really need to get to this leak. unfortunately the jugs are aftermarket and wont allow me to pull the lifer-block without pulling the jug off too. i think dylan told me these should be almost a press fit, i hope not cause they ain't. 

stupid battery with it's stupid over flowing acid ate my damn bag. i liked that bag. 

skate wheel holding strong. the exhaust pipe took a hit on an on-ramp though. 

dumb chain trying to give up the ghost and steal my eerl. 

"top end oiling indicator"

the chain is probably at the end of it's life