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Thursday, September 6, 2012

so i went on a little trip...

so i went on a little trip. about 600 miles all the way around...
it started out on a friday morning, way too early and way too underdressed. the plan was to ride out to Billings and then kick south to Sheridan for the Absaroka State Takeover. this was a car show that Adrien had talked a few of us into going to hosted by The Moonshiners CC. really i just needed an excuse to blow off my shitty job and it seemed like a great way to kick off a little trip. i had promised myself a jaunt around Yellowstone and the Tetons before i left Montana and this would fit the bill perfectly. 
 we hooked up at a gas station in billings a jammed onward and downward. it was nice to cruise a bit...
but eventually they got sick of doing 65mph. 
off we went through the Res 
the hosts were super chill. these guys really know how to treat a guest. i had a nice patch of grass and was charged with keeping an eye on things overnight. i ended up taking around 600 pictures of the event but i promised to hand them over to the Moonshiners so they could post them up. easy enough.  
after breakfast on sunday morning in Sheridan...
and on to Yellowstone
the park's camping was full up and a little dicey due to the bears so i back-tracked a little and found a little slice of heaven
 right next to the river is the best place to sleep when in bear country. its not like the bear mace i had as a pillow would really do anything if a bear was gonna eat my face. but at least the river would drown out the noise of them stomping around all night.

the next morning

 oh look! handlebars again!

the Grand Tetons. these things come out of nowhere. striking does not begin to describe them. terrifying would be a good place to start
 TETON PASS! this place is on my bucket list as a snowboarding spot. look it up and it'll blow your mind
and then there is Idaho...
and back home in time for dinner on tuesday. not too bad for a moron on an ironhead.