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Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby steps..

After being kicked in the sacagawea by a Buell Blast for the 8th and final time, it was time for an uplifting session of sporty-work... Too bad it didn't go that way. After confidently plumbing and bleeding my sick new Brembo radial master cylinder I received yet another swift kick to the sacramento. My new master cylinder (dope as it is) can't move enough fluid to actuate my returded HD banana caliper. Awesome... now I need ANOTHER master cylinder. This time from some Jap-bike with 20 front calipers so that it might be able to move enough fluid for my coffee can sized brake piston. Whatever, if it were easy you'd be doing it instead of reading my gay blog about how I did it. On the bright side, now the ACO KTM/RD bike has a new fancy master cylinder. At least I got my oil filter mounted..what up extra quart of oil!