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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Email from the dudes in charge...

I had some questions regarding what class i would be running in if and when i get out onto the salt flats again. Although the sanctioning and hosting bodies of these events certainly have their shit together and make readily available all the rules and standards, sometimes a bike falls in between the lines. Fortunately, the folks that run and support these events do it out of a genuine enthusiasm for the race and want nothing more than to see you at the starting cones. After numerous emails and bike pictures exchanged, thanks Drew for sorting me out.

"Hello Again,
Thank you for the additional photos. From what is shown, there is enough original/factory frame remaining to categorize your machine for the "M" class.
Since the rules state that all competitors must enter into the lowest possible frame class; that is where your machine belongs.
The displacement classes jump from 350cc to 500cc, and seeing as your engine is a 400 it must be entered into a 500cc class.
Now come your choices. (Explained in Chapter 12 - 2010 AMA/BUB Rulebook)
If entering into an "open bike" class; your options are 500-M-AG, 500-M-AF, 500-M-BG, 500-M-BF.
The 500-M-AG record is 139.006 MPH, and if you can beat that you have upped a record that has been standing for 32 years (1978).
Now, there is something good to shoot for!!!
I hope this is of help.
Drew Gatewood
AMA/F.I.M. technical steward - 2010 BUB speed trials"