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Thursday, September 23, 2010

$100, 3 days, 500 miles

There IS a time and a place for a Honda. That time and place is when your Sportster's broken, and you've only got 3 days and $100 to find, buy, fix, and register a bike that can cart your ass to Brooklyn and back. Short story shorter..I found this ugly duck on craigslist for $100 with a title a few miles from my work. The owners were moving and this had been sitting in their garage for 3 years. on Wednesday night I scooped it up. Fast forward to Thursday, Ed at Sky used parts in Fitchburg hooked me up with a pair on non fatally varnished carbs. Thursday night at midnight she was a runner, albeit a push start only one thanks to the bum starter. Friday brought a fluid change, insurance, registration, and about 100 test miles. In no time it was Saturday at 7am and and the ugly CX that could was holding 80 all the way to Brooklyn. Although i still find it to be ugly as hell, I have a new found appreciation for these wierd Japanese Moto Guzzi's.