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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the second half

once oils were replaced, chains tightened and engines fed, there was a whole lotta nothin. nice and boring for a bit.
this is easily in my top 3 favorite camp spots. abandoned motel in north dakota behind a bitchin mexican restaurant. the downside was finding out my sleeping bag was still wet from wisconsin.
fuckin snow, really. Beach, ND. no beach, no warm, totally jipped. this picture makes me look like a complete sissy cause there is nothing on the ground yet. but my cloths were in the dryer, again, and there was 3" waiting by the time the buzzer went off. i called it a day.
apparently my fuel range is 112 miles. Beach, ND and Miles City, MT are 115 miles apart.
from here on it was smooth sailing till Billings. Behind a McD's i got curious about my primary oil again after the snow thing. i found yogurt. fortunately i had purchased another quart of juice before i left Duluth.
and here is a thing: i don't care who you are, if you've been riding old motorcycles for awhile you believe in some sort of hocus-pocus that keeps the machine together and you out from under an 18 wheeler. that being said, the last thing i want to do is dump a full quart of goo into the dirt, i don't care how many other people have done the same thing in this parking lot. besides feeling like an asshole i wouldn't want that bad juju to catch up to me in the home stretch. so with the purchase of a bladder-buster and a big-mac, i had a drain pan.
it was a very long trip, but i got here. total breakage tally: 4 quarts of primary oil, chain shortened by one link, half a quart of motor oil added, lots of gas and a million quarters into various laundry mats. wonder if that gets me to attack chopper status.
route traveled: from Duluth, I-35S, 210W, 10W to Fargo, I-94W to Billings, I-90W to Fun Land! miles this leg: 1,002 for a total of 2,415.
things i now see a need for: a new drive chain, set of tires, bark busters, better air cleaner cover, a water-tight primary and better rain gear.