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Monday, September 20, 2010

epic bike trip, sorta, or just a soggy one

early sunday morning coffee in wareham, ma. i'll miss you dunkies, snifle snifle
later that day i met up more of the moose-nookles at Rice-O-Rama. i didn't find anything i needed but it was really cool to hang out with Steady and Dylan; i gotta convince them to come out west.

i nearly fukin drowned so many times on this trip. the worst was without a doubt in wisconsin, i should have packed a snorkle and fins
yay canaydia! i wish i took more pictures of Canada, i need to go back. everyone was super nice and may i suggest going to Mattawa, for some reason i really liked that place.
the morning ritual: check primary oil, check primary chain tension, check plug's color and condition, check motor oil, adjust drive chain, grumble about drive chain's shittyness, adjust rear brakes. then at the first gas stop adjust the carb. deviation from this ritual will result in punishment and a long walk.
ahh yes, wisconsin. that was 300 miles of rain with an old bike. i gotta say, it ran like a champ. but the next day i needed to find some help. i forgot to pack a 3/4" wrench. after the local Dealership reminded me that they don't "do" old bikes they were nice enough to give me a helpful phone number: 218-722-8322.
i had enough primary oil to drain and replace what was in there, but since i was at a good bike shop, i did a flush too. while i was working in the parking lot, the owner comes out and says "dude, your chain concerns me, here, take these".
if you are around Duluth, MN on a Harley new or old and need some work done look for Blackstone Custom Motorcycles. really this place was great.
the trip up to this point: I-495N, I-90W to Syracuse, I-81N to Canada, 401E, 416N to Ottawa, 17W for a long and lonely ride to Sudbury then Michigan, I-75, 28W, 2W to Duluth. miles so far: 1,414.