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Saturday, September 11, 2010

a fascination with tractors

old tractors are, in my eyes, some of the most brutal machines ever created in this country. i also think they are fantastic, given the chance they will end life as you know it.
cast iron radiator housing
forged, spoked wheels and cleats
a one-piece, cast iron block and head; a very satisfying piece of metal with aesthetics that equal function
and an iron, up-draft the size, and likely weight, of my ironhead's cylinders
and some iron pistons, oh man these made me happy.

stop by the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town in Murdo, SD if you get the chance. its along the I-90 and well worth the $9.50 to get in. this place has more neat stuff than you can even imagine including an entire barn full of sweet old bikes (those will be up here soon), almost 2 barns worth of pre-1940 sedans and trucks plus a whole shit-ton of gnarly tractors.